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There is emerging evidence that calcitriol plays a role in the immune system that has not yet been clearly described. Exogenous calcitriol can suppress autoimmune diseases, but with hypercalcemia as an important side effect (DeLuca and Cantorna, 2001). It has been shown that the local conversion of 25OHD into calcitriol in monocytes or macrophages results in an increase in cellular immunity by stimulating the production of cathelicidin, an anti-microbial peptide capable of killing bacteria, particularly Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Liu et al., 2006). Recently, Stubbs et al. (2010) showed that renal dialysis patients treated with high-dose vitamin D3 develop a population of immune cells with increased CYP27B1, VDR, and cathelicidin expression, although the role of these cells in vivo is unknown. Ironically, calcitriol has an opposite effect on the adaptive immune (B and T cell function) response. Calcitriol generally inhibits T helper cell proliferation and B cell immunoglobulin production. In contrast, calcitriol promotes the proliferation of immunosuppressive regulatory T cells and their accumulation at sites of inflammation (Penna et al., 2007).

Screencast 2006 herunterladen Riss 64 bits



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