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!!TOP!! Download Gratuito Di Coffee Shop Tycoon (v1.0)

In Airport BillionAir, you have to start selling food and drinks such as snacks and beans by vending machines to earn more cash. You will unlock the coffee shop and sandwiches shop when you have enough cash. And then you will have to find the staff members to hire them.

Download gratuito di Coffee Shop Tycoon (v1.0)

Ready to manage an entire coffee shop chain and harvest your own natural goods in the orchard?Yes? So Idle Coffee Shop Tycoon is your game! Take the challenge and be in charge of all the details to serve your demanding customers the best coffee in town. Get new ingredients, upgrade your coffee machines, build bakery ovens to cook amazing desserts, or buy smoothie makers. Learn from your own experience and become a great coffee shop manager. Expand your premises, discover new recipes, bake food, and offer the community a complete, fancy service!GROW AND MANAGE YOUR OWN GARDEN:Show your management abilities by planting, collecting, and using all the local goods in your business! Control the whole production process for the essential ingredients in your coffee and food recipes. Unlock new recipes to increase your seed and coffee beans stock, and trace the most suitable strategy to grow your business!EXPAND YOUR PRODUCT RANGE: Work hard to unlock new recipes for coffee (Cappuccino, Espresso, Mocha, Latte, Iced coffee, Frappe, etc.), but also snacks and food (Cupcakes, Cookies, Cinnamon rolls, Toasts, Sandwiches, etc.). Contact external suppliers and control all the stock to keep your visitors happy and well-served! DEAL WITH ONLINE RATINGS:Keep high standards of service to avoid bad ratings! Impress the VIP customers so they will use their influence to give support to your business. Serve the community professionally, and adapt your business strategy to the feedback you receive. Every detail counts, starting with the quality of the products and ending with the decoration. MANAGE YOUR STAFF:Create the best work environment in all your departments. To have a competent coffee shop chain with franchises around the world, you need the best working teams in all areas. Take the great challenge and make it work!Main Features: - Casual and strategic gameplay for every player- Innovative mechanics: orchard harvest- More detailed management system - Dozens of objects to be unlocked and upgraded- Lots of characters and interactions- Funny 3d graphics and great animations - Management of a successful business- A small living world in miniature 041b061a72


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