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The half-lives of 135La and 132La were determined via serial gamma spectroscopy, and the half-life of 135La was further determined by a high-precision ionization-chamber measurement. The results are 18.91(2) hr for 135La and 4.59(4) hr for 132La compared with the previously compiled values of 19.5(2) hr and 4.8(2) hr, respectively. These lanthanum isotopes comprise a medically interesting system with positron emitter 132La and Auger-electron emitter 135La forming a theranostic pair for internal diagnostics and therapeutics. The precise half-lives are necessary for proper evaluation of their value in medicine and for a more representative tabulation of nuclear data.

PATCHED WhiteCap.505.Platinum.PURE Serial

The half-life of 51Mn was measured by serial gamma spectrometry of the 511-keV annihilation photon following decay by β+ emission. Data were collected every 100 seconds for 100,000-230,000 seconds within each measurement (n =4 ). The 511-keV incidence rate was calculated from the 511-keV spectral peak area and count duration, corrected for detector dead time and radioactive decay. Least-squares regression analysis was used to determine the half-life of 51Mn while accounting for the presence of background contaminants, notably 55Co. The result was 45.59 0.07 min, which is the highest precision measurement to date and disagrees with the current Nuclear Data Sheets value by over 6 σ .


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