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Where To Buy Pergola Kits __TOP__

This structure elevates a typical backyard seating area to an enticing gathering spot thanks to its privacy and cooling shade. Read on for the most important considerations when shopping for one of these assemble-yourself kits, and see our favorite pergola kits from hours of market research. Your backyard upgrade can start with one of these top-rated pergolas.

where to buy pergola kits

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Pergolas come in wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, cellular PVC, and vinyl. Each material offers distinct advantages and disadvantages to consider as you shop for the best pergola kit for your outdoor space.

A pergola kit provides shade, privacy, and an overall upgrade to underutilized lawn or patio space. Some attached pergolas may even increase the value of a home or property, which makes this purchase a long-term investment.

Pergolas create a homey outdoor space for social events, quiet solo time, or family dinnertime. While the uses of a pergola are only limited to your imagination, certain types of pergolas may align better with your particular needs, including open top, sail, gabled (which are all freestanding structures), and attached.

Pergola kits typically include all the necessary precut and predrilled materials, including anchors. The only additional requirements are time and space. In most instances, you will need just a few tools, such as a wrench and a screwdriver. There are two installation methods, depending on whether you purchase a freestanding or attached pergola.

While there are many pergola kits available, select options may be better suited for your outdoor entertaining needs. One of the best options on the market is the Backyard Discovery kit with its easy assembly, sturdy cedar wood construction, and 10 foot by 14 foot size which can fit in most backyards. Alternatively, the PURPLE LEAF pergola kit is made with an aluminum pergola frame, comes with a retractable, lockable, and water and UV-resistant canopy, and has an affordable price tag.

Add a sense of elegance, stylem and backyard discovery to your outdoor space. Pergola kits provide an outdoor room or dining space for entertaining or relaxing, and even a hideout for snoozing. The above list of pergola kits was determined by material, size, ease of assembly, and special features included for backyard events.

The above picks include aluminum, vinyl, metal, and premium wood pergola kits, all of which are sturdy and weather-resistant. The varying sizes of these models also make them suitable for small or large yards and most come with anchors or mounting hardware for easy assembly. Though a power drill or multiple people may be required for select pergolas, once assembled many are made to last through all-season weather.

The best pergola for your needs depends on the available outdoor space, the type of pergola you prefer, the material used to construct it, and any other personal preferences or desire for additional features.

Pergolas are an open structure for a yard or patio/deck space. In the majority of cases, pergolas generally do not require a permit, but in some municipalities, if it attaches to the house, a permit may be required. Before purchasing a pergola, look into local legislation on pergolas or similar structures.

Installation time for a pergola kit depends on the individual features and complexity of the assembly. Having one or more people help with the installation generally makes it easier and faster to put together.

Country Lane Gazebos is based in Lancaster County, PA. The company was founded in 1994 by Samuel Stoltzfus. Sam and his brothers still own and operate the business, although they outgrew the farmhouse where they started the business and moved to a larger facility.

Today, we supply a network of dealers across the United States and Canada. Our compact and easy-to-assemble kits have even been shipped around the globe to places like England, Africa, Puerto Rico, Korea and Spain.

The dirty secret of vinyl pergola kits is that many require you to purchase extra lumber for the core structure inside the vinyl shell pieces. That is not the case with the Dura-Trel Kingston Pergola Kit ($548), which comes with metal posts that fit inside the vinyl for extra durability.

Wooden pergolas are classic, but they need a significant amount of care and maintenance and can fade over time in the sun. To avoid a pergola that looks prematurely weathered and worn, opt for aluminum instead.

The Kosyard Atlantics BBQ Grill Pergola Kit ($419) is a winner for spaces that get intense sun exposure. In addition to its fade-resistant aluminum structure, this model is topped with a retractable fabric pergola canopy for extra shade and protection from UV rays. Enjoy your outdoor space even when the sun is beating down.

The Breeze 8 x 10 Pergola Kit ($3,319) is its most affordable pergola kit. The price includes standard pre-delivery and follow-up calls for troubleshooting, weekend and after-hours customer care support, and online how-to videos to help you along.

Keep in mind the cost increases significantly once you factor in all the bells and whistles: About $400 to $600 of additional lumber to serve as the core to the pieces of vinyl shell; the Bolt Down Bracket Kit ($158 for two kits) for extra stability; vinyl post caps to cover the anchors ($42 for six); and the optional shade kit if you prefer more coverage ($460). Its generous size and durable vinyl, however, make it worth the premium price.

You say you want a Modern looking Shade Structure for your place? Check out the Silverado Modern Pergola. Yes, you can have it any size. Yes, we can install it for you anywhere in the U.S. Free nationwide shipping.

The Retractable Canopy Pergola is an excellent shade solution.You can build this lovely modern pergola to any size you need, and you can adjust the amount of shade or sun you want in seconds with Infinity Canopy's retractable shade systems.Their retractable canopy is made of SunBrella brand fabric with hundreds of options for fabric colors and patterns.

We have a partnership with Infinity Canopy:the retractable shade system does not come included with the pergola.Once you have completed the design process of your order with your assigned designer, please send your final drawings to Infinity Canopy.They will size your canopy to fit snugly around your pergola with your preferred options for fabric and color.

The Dome Pergola takes your breath away and is the instant centerpiece of any landscape.Meticulously handcrafted, finely finished wood adorns every inch of this structure. The Dome Pergola is built using extremely resistant California Redwood to be a wooden temple that will last for decades.Size your Dome to be anywhere from 8 ft. in diameter to 32 ft. diameter or more. Just let us know what you need and we'll get her built per your instructions. We can even provide a complete on-site assembly service anywhere in the USA.

An outdoor pergola is the perfect way to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. These classic four or six-column open structures create a beautiful covered gathering area. You can enjoy the warmth of a sunny day and still have a shaded retreat by adding a shade cover. At Backyard Discovery, you'll find pergolas for your patio, poolside cabana, fire pit or outdoor kitchen. It's a gorgeous way to extend living spaces to the outdoors and entertain family and friends in premium comfort.

There is one main difference between a gazebo and a pergola: the roof. When it comes to the roof, pergolas have a partial roof that is created by interlocking beams that form a horizontal lattice. Gazebos have a continuous roof. With a pergola, you will be exposed to more sunlight and not protected from the rain. If you want total protection from the elements, then you'll want the full roof found on a gazebo.

To find the right size pergola for your space, the first thing you'll want to consider is how many people you want to seat within it. For example, if you plan on having six people under the structure at one time, then a 16" x 12" pergola will be able to fulfill your needs. For fewer people, you can go with a smaller structure, and for more, you'll need a larger pergola.

This is a good question to ask, but there isn't a definitive answer. Basically, it comes down to personal preference. If you're looking for a pergola that has a warm, traditional aesthetic, then you'll want to consider getting a cedar pergola. Should you be looking for a pergola that is virtually maintenance-free and modern in style, then a steel pergola will help you achieve your goals.

Getting a pergola that has been certified to withstand certain wind speeds gives you peace of mind knowing that you're buying a quality product. You want to know that the structure you are placing in your yard isn't going to topple over in a storm and cause severe damage to your property. Even if you don't live in an area that sees heavy winds, you'll still rest assured knowing that your pergola has what it takes to withstand harsh wind conditions.

Typically, pergolas come with a partial roof that is created by interlocking beams that form a horizontal lattice. You are exposed to the sun and the elements. If you want more protection, you have the option of adding a removable shade canopy. This will block out the sun and give you some protection against rain. You'll have to determine how much protection you want or need when it comes to spending time outside in your yard under your pergola.

To find the right size pergola for your space, the first thing you'll want to consider is how many people you want to seat within it. For example, if you plan on having six people under the structure at one time, then a 16\" x 12\" pergola will be able to fulfill your needs. For fewer people, you can go with a smaller structure, and for more, you'll need a larger pergola. 041b061a72


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