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Sebastian Perez


ok so suppose you have the Essai font, put that into your fonts section of your computer (in C drive => WINDOWS) and but the font in your game folder. then use Run program and run regedit. Look for H_KEY_CURRENT_USER i think then Borland, then Locales. right click to add a new string, and type your path that leads to the Symphonic Rain english .exe file. set the value as MOO .



@outskirter: Try holding down Shift+Left Arrow after starting regedit. Or try this little script here: -regedit-tree-without-disabling/I like the way the registry is being displayed in Registry Commander. Very clean.

Good regedit replacement.update to spport vista and windows 7.I anticipating a portable version of this program. No installation required!Sadly it does not support Windows Vista. So I cannot put my trust in this program when I have to change some registry entries/settings.Press Ctril+T no right click when I want to execute the entry. I have to double click it. I cannot also delete the entry.I cannot contact the author of this program that's why I'm posting my suggestion here in forum. 041b061a72


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