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Watch Dogs RAR File Encryption: What You Need to Know and How to Crack It

Linux shadow files themselves are not encrypted, but the passwords contained within them are. Encryption algorithms used for these can vary depending on the system, but MD5, SHA-512, SHA-256, Blowfish, and DES are all commonly used.

Password Of Encrypted File In Winrar Watch Dogs

Download File:

Before we can run Zydra, we will need some files to test it out on. I have created a RAR file, ZIP file, and PDF file that you can download and use to follow along. The password for all three of these is "password1" as you'll soon find out. There is also a shadow file you can download, which I got from the Metasploitable virtual machine.

For brute force mode, we need to set a few more options. We still specify the file to crack, but now we can use the -b flag to set the character types to use for brute forcing. The minimum and maximum length of the password can also be set now, using the -m and -x flags, respectively:

Again, we can see it found the password, but this time there is an additional dialogue. This is simply telling us the file is a decrypted version of the original, which we can verify with the file command:

Zydra will automatically attempt to crack the password hashes for any users found in Linux shadow files. While it's not always successful, this can be a good method to try out first since it is quick and easy.

In this tutorial, we explored a tool called Zydra and how it can be used to crack password-protected RAR files, ZIP files, PDF files, and Linux shadow files. While we cracked these with little to no difficulty, using strong passwords will greatly increase the time and effort it takes to do so.

However, in many incidents, ransomware gangs are also get caught and kicked out of networks during the data exfiltration process, and files are never encrypted. Nevertheless, they still extort companies, asking victims for money to not leak sensitive files.

The internet is a very, very complicated tool. What I want people to understand is that I don't hope people feel like they are being watched or not, in other words, when you pay a bill and some crazy site(cough...cough, Facebook) sends information to other companies(by the way, you don't know) and there fore, get you to try this or that? That my friend is not conservatism...that is theft, intrusion and most importantly, invasion of privacy. Why?? Even though they may not be directly looking at your personal file at all angles, but they are definitely messin with and that to me, is unacceptable. What if you like it that your records and social security was tossed around with other companies you don't even know? Don't get me wrong, they do that, with criminals and so on, right? But guess what? Not with people!!!


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