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The electrohydraulic brake system is activated when the driver depresses the left-hand pedal so hard that the deceleration exceeds 0.3 g; otherwise, the Audi e-tron decelerates through recuperation via the two electric motors. The brake control system build up brake pressure for the wheel brakes with great precision and roughly twice as fast as a conventional system. When automated emergency braking is performed, there are only 150 milliseconds between the initiation of the brake application and the presence of maximum brake pressure between the pads and disks. This is barely more than a blink of the eye and creates impressively short braking distances. Even at a very slow speed, such as during maneuvering, the car decelerates via the wheel brakes because this is more efficient than electric braking in this case. Otherwise, the electric motor would have to use valuable battery current to decelerate actively at low rotational speeds.

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