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Teachers, parents, and students: Cyndi has generously offered to share a few tips for anyone who may want to try their hand at creating graphic novels in the form of a spectacularly groovy comic called The Graphic Adventures of Stick Boy! Download it here for free!

free download Kung Pow

Recipe inspired by Bon Appetit and adapted from my roasted Brussels sprouts and crispy baked tofu with honey-sesame glaze. *Make it gluten free: This dish is gluten free as long as you use gluten-free tamari, which is a variety of soy sauce that is usually (but not always, check the label) gluten free. I always use tamari instead of soy sauce because I prefer the flavor of it! Look for tamari next to the soy sauce in the Asian aisle of the grocery store.Make it vegan: Simply swap maple syrup for the honey instead when making the sesame glaze.Make it peanut-free: Just omit the peanuts. You might like a sprinkle of sesame seeds instead.Change it up: Broccoli would be a fantastic substitute for the sprouts, and probably cheaper, too!

OH MY GOSH, if you've never made Kung Pao Cauliflower, now's your chance. I'm not even lying when I say that this recipe will be on rotation in our household. Often, kung pao sauce is used to coat meat (think: chicken or shrimp), but it's really tasty on cauliflower too. This kung pao cauliflower is delicious on its own, but also a really great side dish.

Erin is the recipe developer, writer and photographer behind the healthy food blog, The Almond Eater. She's been blogging since 2014 and loves to create food for many different diets, including vegan, gluten free and/or Whole30 recipes.

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Now, you can have it again, guilt-free, knowing exactly what went into making this recipe! The combination of the crunch from the veggies, the tender, fatty chicken thighs, and the sweet and salty sauce make this the perfect Chinese food take-out replacement meal.

Funny you say that, because those two chores are my FAVORITES! My least favorite household chores are sweeping the floor, scrubbing the windows, taking out the trash, and vacuuming the house. LOL! Anyways, I do like completing household chores while letting an amazing pot dish simmer on low heat and just soak up the aromas. This kung pao dish looks to die for! I love that you can meal prep this dish!


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