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How To Import Multiple VCards (.vcf Files) Into Gmail Or Outlook At Once

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You literally saved my life! After importing 500 seperate vcard files into my gmail, with 500 more to go I was desperate. You have no idea how much I owe you for this! THANK YOU!

How to import multiple vCards (.vcf files) into Gmail or Outlook at once

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What I am trying to achieve is to add multiple vCard files to my Outlook 2010. Has anyone ever done this? Outlook will not let me import but the first vCard in the list when I attempt to import them all.

I am having the same issue and alert message when trying to import a vCard into iCloud/contacts. I tried it on a PC exporting the vCard from Outlook, and also on my MacBook exporting the vCard from Address Book (Lion). Same failure on both machines. I sometimes force sync contacts (one time only) from Outlook via iTunes on my PC to my iPhone and iPad and that worked fine. But the added contact nevers appears in iCloud/contacts. iCloud should sync the new contact entry from my iOS devices or from my MacBook address book, shouldn't it? Also, I notice that I have multiple contact categories on my iPhone and iPad (which differ from each other) and only one on iCloud/contacts. On my iOS devices, selecting All on iCloud, the mising contact is also missing within that category. How can I get iCloud contacts to update or to include all the contacts on my iOS or Address Book? Is is possible to copy a category or group to iCloud/contacts from another source? Since vCard importing seems to fail ow can it be done?

In order to be able to import outlook .vcf cards into ICLOUD, you will not be able to do it directly, you need to export from outlook, then import to google account, then export out of the google account as *vCard format (for importing into Apple Address Book or another application)* and there you will be able to get all your outlook contacts, exactly as they are, into your icloud account.

there are some limitations, as outlook does not let you EXPORT several vcards at the same time, and google does not let you import several vcards at the same time. here are the instructions to get this rolling.

5.time to merge all vcards into a single one, for them to be uploaded into your GMAIL account, follow the instructions here -to-combine-all-vcf-files-to-single.htm l. this link will teach you how to merge various VCF using the command prompt.

Do not try to export a CSV file from outlook to import into gmail, because it will dump most of the contact info into NOTES instead of the fields. I hope it works for you all as it worked for me.

Right. Apple should fix the vcf import issue, and microsoft should work on a button to freaking export contacts into one single vcf file, to make everyone's life easier. Not even exporting a csv from outlook and then re importing the same, brings the contact info ok, because in the middle, the headers of the files are different than what outlook expects to map the import (and we are talking about OUTLOOK TO OUTLOOK)....nevertheless, look at the previous response I posted, that will work for XP with Outlook 2003, with the obvious differences in the outlook menues, that you will need to sort thru. I would also look at upgrading to windows 7 or 8 as cloud integration is being more considered now, and installing the cloud control panel makes it so much easier......hace a good day!!

As you can see, each method has its own advantages. You can import VCF to iPhone with one of the tips above for sure. If you also need to import CSV to iPhone, using EaseUS MobiMover is advisable. Plus, if you run into any problems while importing VCF files, the solutions listed in FAQ will be helpful.

The .VCF files are frequently used for importing and exporting contacts from address books, such as Google Contacts or Outlook Express. They can also be sent as e-mail attachments which assist the recipient with an easy way to import the attachments into the address book.

Now think, if I could combine all .VCF files into a .VCF file, where all the .VCF files are sorted one by one, then I could import this integrated .VCF file into Google Contacts with just a few clicks of the mouse.

With vCard ImportExport, you are able to easily import multiple vCard files (.vcf) to your Outlook contacts - simply, select the contacts folder and the files to import - the app will do the job from there.

Using this function will save standard vCard (.vcf) contact files to the location that you choose on your PC or Mac. You can also save the contacts directly into the Windows Contacts app on your computer by selecting your contacts and clicking on "Copy to Contacts" in TouchCopy.

As we saw in Method 1, we can use TouchCopy to export contacts from iPhone and import them into Outlook with only 1 click. However, if you used iCloud or email to export iPhone contacts to your computer, you can still import the vCard files into your contacts manager like Outlook or Gmail.

SmarterMail supports importing contacts from two different types of files: vCards (.vcf) and comma-separated text files (.csv). SmarterMail also supports importing from a .zip file containing any combination of these file formats. Regardless of the file type imported, each contact MUST have a Display Name in order for SmarterMail to accept the importing of the contact. Other information can be added at a later date.

Contacts can be exported individually in vCard or CSV format. These files can then be imported into Microsoft Outlook or other email clients that accpet these file types, or into another SmarterMail account.

If you are sharing multiple contacts with multiple users, then it is certain that you must have gathered a bunch of files in your computer storage. Those are the vCard file that goes with the .vcf extension for contacts. It is a difficult situation to handle those numerous files that is why we need to merge multiple vCard files into one. In this blog, we will discuss some basics about vCard and various methods to merge the files. Go through this blog carefully for more information.

DRS vCard Splitter & Merger is the best alternative to merge multiple VCF files into one. Not only that, if your VCF files are oversized then you can easily split and merge them into one because of the advanced splitting feature of this software. This application is available for all Windows OS. Using this utility, you can also import multiple vCards into Gmail with ease.

In this above blog, we have discussed some basics about VCF and the steps to merge multiple vCard files into one using manual as well as professional tool. Though, the manual method is time-consuming and complicated. So, choosing a professional method to merge or combine vCard files would be a wise choice.

VCF can be viewed, saved, and used on multiple platforms, such as computers, tablets, and mobile devices that have been equipped with Android systems. It can also be sent and received as an attachment to an email. On different platforms, its opening method is also different. Both Windows and Mac users can use the included contacts application to open the VCF. iPhone, iPad, and iPod users can directly import the VCF into the device's Contacts app.

If you are unwilling to download software to your computer, you can also try to use an application that can transfer vCard to Android devices - Contacts VCF. You can find and download this app from Google Play Store to your Android phone. Then, you can use the program to browse and edit the VCF files directly on your Android device, or you can import the VCF files into the Android phone through the "add in Android" option.

However, compared with desktop software, Contacts VCF app is more time-consuming to use because it does not support batch transfer. You can only import one vCard file at a time. Therefore, this method is not suitable for users who need to import multiple vCard files.

The Manual method of import VCF file to Outlook is a time-consuming and lengthy process. This can be a good approach if the user has to do this conversion on a small number of contacts. Furthermore, to be successful in this method, the user must have some technical knowledge. Therefore, to avoid the drawbacks of manual methods, it is better to look for a professional solution like FreeViewer VCF to PST Converter. This software makes it easier for users to move VCF files into Outlook PST. It provides 100% guaranteed solutions with accuracy. It comes with various features to make the conversion process simple and easy.

Often an import/export is the simplest option for a one-off transfer of contacts between apps, but with Outlook and iCloud it's much more complicated. This is because Outlook uses a standard CSV file format while iCloud uses vCard (.vcf) files. For a manual export from iCloud and import into Outlook you need to:

Before transferring contacts, the software offers three options: Existing Microsoft Outlook (PST File), Microsoft Outlook Profile and New Microsoft Outlook (PST File). Users can choose any option as per their need to import VCF contacts into Outlook."}}, {"@type": "Question","name": "How does the vCard Importer Software Demo differ from its full version in functionality?","acceptedAnswer": {"@type": "Answer","text": "The Demo version imports only 10 vCard contacts to MS Outlook as it is only made for testing purposes; whereas, the full version will bulk import VCF files to Outlook PST file without any restrictions.

To convert older version vCard to the newer one, open a blank text file using any simple text editor. The recommended one is TextWrangler because it can open multiple text files at once in one convenient window.

Microsoft Outlook cannot import a single vCard file with multiple contacts. GMail can be used for converting VCF files to CSV as Google Mail supports importing multiple contacts using vCard. Once the contacts have been uploaded to Google email, a CSV file can be generated for all contacts. This file can then be imported to MS Outlook.

Limitations: The manual or common practice of importing a contact list in .vcf format is simple but not recommended for multiple files. For batch migration of the contact list, one must go through the steps repeatedly. Therefore, we have an automated solution for our users.


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