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English To Hindi Gunda Gang

The word possibly comes from the Hindi word guṇḍā (Hindi: गुंड, "rascal").[1][2] There is also the identically-spelled Marathi word with a similar meaning, attested as early as the 17th century, and possibly ultimately having Dravidian roots.[3] Another theory suggests that it originates from the English word "goon". However, the first English-language appearance of "goonda" (in British newspapers of the 1920s, with the spelling "goondah") predates the use of "goon" to mean criminal, a semantic change which seems to go back only as far as the 1930s comic strip character Alice the Goon.[1] Related terms are goonda-gardi and gundai,[4] roughly meaning bully-boy tactics, gang violence or gang warfare.[5] Another is goonda tax, referring to bribes or money extorted in a protection racket.[2] Another term is goonda raj which means that the government of a region is being governed by gang affiliated politicians and has high levels of crime and gang violence[6] and those politicians who have affiliations with gangs are called dabang netas meaning bully leaders[7] or bahubalis meaning strong-armed men or strongmen.[8][9]

english to hindi Gunda Gang


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