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Memorylands: Heritage And Identity In Europe Today ((FULL))

Does cultural heritage create either bridges of engagement or walls of division within and beyond Europe? To capture these diverse interpretations, we provide some initial discussion on the concept of heritage and how this relates to identity, memory and the past. In order to introduce the various studies that comprise the forum, we identify a series of collective themes explored by our contributors. These are: the use of heritage sites and practices as a means of exploring questions of European unity; the idea of a decolonizing heritage alongside the reframing of contested transcultural encounters; and finally, the potential for heritage as a form of conflict resolution.

Memorylands: Heritage and Identity in Europe Today

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European unity is also the focus of Montgomery's paper on EU personnel in Brussels. He presents accounts of a variety of historical narratives collected during ethnographic fieldwork with civil servants in and around the European Commission in Belgium. A particular focus is placed on the roles that heritage-making practices play in the construction and articulation of European identity and belonging within flagship institutions. His piece documents a collective will by Commission officials to build inclusivity across state borders and forge a European identity and heritage that supersedes nationalism. Many of the officials interviewed support the building of bridges and the tearing down of walls (metaphorically). These wider European heritage narratives, Montgomery argues, tells the story of a supranational community that arose through the gradual enlargement of external boundaries and the removal of internal ones.

The first two meetings will focus on texts that critically analyze contemporary ways of thinking about heritage and their relation to identity politics and social inequalities, both in nation states and in larger imagined communities: 041b061a72


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