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Tune In For Love (2019)

The setting is in the 1990s and reflects on the IMF Crisis of 1997. Mi-soo, a hardworking part-time worker at a bakery, indirectly exchanges stories with Hyun-woo on a radio program. Both fall in love and continue to cross paths, but timing is not in their favor.[6]

Tune in for Love (2019)

Five years later, Mi-soo is now happy at her new book publishing job. Her boss takes her to a book shop, where she finds out that the new book she published is a top seller and they rejoice together. Meanwhile, Hyun-woo now works at a video editing startup that is moving in above where she works. The two reconnect yet again and Hyun-woo brings her to his apartment. Surprised, Mi-soo looks around before finally telling him that she is happy to see him. They start dating and Mi-soo takes three days off work to spend time with Hyun-woo. One night, Hyun-woo asks if she's still scared of her, since she used to be when they were younger. She shakes her head, the two kiss and passionately make love. Later, they visit Eun-ja, who has gotten married and has a step-daughter that causes her trouble. As Eun-ja and Hyun-woo are reconnecting, a student calls for Eun-ja, telling her her daughter is about to get beaten up. Eun-ja and Hyun-woo go, finding Mi-soo apprehending Eun-ja's daughter for smoking cigarettes. Mi-soo asks why she lets her daughter treat her badly and cause so much trouble. Eun-ja calms her down and serves Mi-soo and Hyun-woo food. As they leave Eun-ja, Mi-soo comments that Eun-ja could probably tell that they were dating.

Without Hyun-woo's knowledge, Mi-soo goes to visit Jyeong-hyeop's house, but his family has moved. Later that night, Mi-soo tells Hyun-woo what she learned and asks if everything will be okay now. Hyun-woo is devastated, as he prayed that Mi-soo would never find out, so he could try to live a normal, peaceful life without his past haunting him. Mi-soo tells him that he never told her and that she was tired of seeing him so anxious. She begs him not to leave, but he goes off. He finds his friend that told her about Jyeong-hyeop. The two beat each other up, and Hyun-woo visits Eun-ja's noodle shop. He returns home to find Mi-soo gone.The next day Hyun-woo returns to his old workplace because he left his picture of Mi-soo there, but it has been bought by Mi-soo's boss. He meets her boss, who tells him that he has the picture of Mi-soo at his apartment and that Hyun-woo and Mi-soo aren't happy together, so Mi-soo deserves someone better. Hyun-woo admits his dislike for her boss and asks if he will find Mi-soo if he follows her boss's car. This makes her boss laugh and he drives off with Hyun-woo chasing after him. Mi-soo gets picked up by her boss and sees Hyun-woo running after the car. She asks her boss to stop and she leaves the car to speak with Hyun-woo. Hyun-woo confesses that he loves her, but Mi-soo only tells him to stop running. Heartbroken, Hyun-woo breaks down into tears as Mi-soo drives away.

A few days later, Mi-soo visits Eun-ja. Eun-ja makes her doughnuts, but tells her that it doesn't taste the same anymore. Mi-soo replies that everything in the world has changed, except the taste of her doughnuts. They reminisce and Eun-ja tells her about the night Hyun-woo visited. She says that Hyun-woo thanked Eun-ja for trusting him, even though his grandmother, aunt, and teacher never believed him.Hyun-woo starts his job as the video editor for Yoo Yeol's show (a popular radio show) and Yoo Yeol asks if he has anyone he wants to give a shout out to. Mi-soo tunes in and hears that Hyun-woo gave a shout out to her on the show and goes over to the studio. She finds Hyun-woo packing up and smiles at seeing him. Hyun-woo notices her and takes a picture of her as she smiles at him.[7]

one of my most anticipated releases of the year. i'm so happy that this is the first movie i watched after nearly a month of not watching any. october was such a difficult month for me that i could barely take care of myself, let alone watch a movie. something as simple as movie-watching should probably not be taken this seriously, but it's one of the most important things that continue to shape my day-to-day life. so, not being able to have the energy to watch one has made me feel even more lackluster. i needed this. this made me feel so comforted and loved, two of the things that i need the most right now.

Review: It's not clear what criteria there are for Netflix to add Asian movies to their catalogue. However, this picture arouses curiosity particularly because of its female lead Kim Go-eun. Yet, the movie's title doesn't really promise anything out of the ordinary. And that's exactly what we get in the end. "Tune in for Love" is an alarmingly unspectacular romantic flick that rides the 90s nostalgia wave. This wave has been kicked off by "Architecture 101" and has been continued even years later with movies like "Unforgettable". Both of them haven't been incredibly good, but here we get a movie which is lengthier and more mediocre by a lot. In its core, the movie is about love as the two lovers never seem to get the timing right. Oddly, what the movie hardly revolves around is the radio program the title hints at.

The introduction is rather slow, but for a neat drama or a romantic flick you need a good foundation after all. Nevertheless, the pacing doesn't really pick up as the movie progresses. The relationship grows very slowly and there are constantly chance happenings that seem very unnatural. This is even apparent in the beginning, when the change of a radio DJ is the sign for Hyeon-woo which he was looking for for a very long time. Ok, granted, you may excuse such things in a picture like this, since in the end, it completely builds its premise on conincidences, which is also mirrored in the fact that the two lovers run into each other by accident again and again, over a period that spans many years. The attraction of this kind of love is of course that external circumstances resp. timing are never right for this love to blossom. With a premise like that you can certainly win over some viewers who have had similar experiences.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();

Deep psychadelic house soon becomes a chugging hippie fest, with jangling guitars and memories if 1960's america, Sanfrancisco circa 1968, the first summer of love, injected with 1988, second summer of love's electronic styles, soon tripping deep and minimal for the last act!

The message that sparked the conversation ... Here to Stay.Your browser does not support the audio element.Discussion QuestionsChristmas is a time of joy and peace, but the holidays can also feel lonely and isolating. Join us as we talk about being present with our loved ones and the God who is truly present with us.

Heads-up play started with Carey sitting atop a monster pile of chips and Hawkins in need of some love. Hawkins instantly drew first blood from his opponent and elected to turn up the pressure soon after, pushing his way into the lead over the span of many small pots. Carey fell to the danger zone and didn't seem phased as he fought his way back into contention, taking the lead back from Hawkins.

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